To rent - Te huur - - in Bilthoven - De Bilt
Office and warehouse - Kantoor met magazijn -
250 m2 - 5 km. from Center of Utrecht - 40 km. from Amsterdam - € 2.800, per month - near Head office of Rabobank
Tel. +31 30 228 56 56; e-mail:
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  Sunday, 24.09.2017
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 Did you know...
Alaska and Russia are less than 3 miles apart at their closest point




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Russian Benelux Benelux in Russia & CIS
Netherlands Benelux International
Russian abroad
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I-deal Overstock Business Information Services
I.B.B. International Bullion & Metal Brokers Amsterdam BV Metal Processing & Distribution
I.M.H.B. Industrial & Multi industrial Processing
Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Iacs International BV Electronics
IAS International Air Services BV Airlines, Airtransport & Cargo Services
IAS International BV Business training & Management education
IBC Consultancy & Business Services
IBM Business Consulting Services Russia BV Consultancy & Business Services
IBTech Computer Components & Accessories
IC 3 International BV Data communication
ICC Industries B.V. Moscow Chemical, Coating & Paint products
ICC Industries BV Chemical, Coating & Paint products
ICC Ukraine Chemical, Coating & Paint products
ICECAP Ltd.VIP Energy & Bio-energy
ICG Barter & Countertrade BV Consultancy & Business Services
ICMA International BV Market Research
ICS-International Chauffeur Services BV Driver's services
ICS-Vertex Interactive Benelux Barcode
IDC Agribusiness
IDD - Instituut voor Dierhouderij en Diergezondheid Research & Scientific Development
IDEAL Floorcoverings Wielsbeke N.V. Textiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Ideal Standart Europe B.V. Sanitarian equipment
Identity Games International Toys
IDS - International Distribution Systems BV Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
IDS Scheer (Russia & CIS countries) Business Information Services
IEA - OECD Energy & Bio-energy
IFC Financial Services
IFT-POULTRY Meat Processing & Products
IGC - Industrieele Groote Club Business training & Management education
IGT International Group Travel BV Travelling & Tourism
iGuzzini illuminazione Benelux BV-BA Lighting & Signal equipment
IHC Holland BV Minerals & Carbon-commodity
IHC Holland Employment N.V. Marine Services & Concultancy
IHC Holland Merwede Group Marine Services & Concultancy
"" Energy & Bio-energy
"" Animal Feeds
" "
"" Waste & Water Treatment
"" Consultancy & Business Services
Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
IKO International BV Roof & Cover
ILAS Consultancy & Business Services
Illycaff? Benelux BV Coffee, Tea & Spices
ILRI - International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement Research & Scientific Development
Ilsco International Logistic Service Company BV Technical trade
Ilyama Benelux BV Computer Components & Accessories
IMAG Agro Equipment & Machinery
Imation International BV Graphic & Photo Products & Equipment
IMATION REPRESENTATIVE B.V. Graphic & Photo Products & Equipment
Imeko Dairy Products B.V. Dairy Products & Consumption
Imetaal Staalbouw B.V. Metal Processing & Distribution
Imex International vof Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Imexpo Benelux Office & Shop Equipment & Materials
IMI Industri Matematik International Softwarehouses
IMKO BV Food & Non-food Consuming Products
IMO Benelux Valves
Impexa International BV Lighting & Signal equipment
Imres B.V. Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Imtech N.V. IT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
Imto Benelux Groep BV Concrete renovation
InBev Russia & Ukraine Beer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
InBev SA Beer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
InBev SA (Formerly: Interbrew NV) Beer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
Incotec International BV Seeds & Grains
Independium International Tax Accounting, Auditing & Administrative Services
Indoco International Tobacco Equipment
Indolec B.V. Construction
Indu-Sol 60 benelux GmbH Data communication
Indumag Benelux BV/BA Second Hand Equipment & Machines
Industrial Storage Systems BV Warehouses & Storage Systems
Infinity International Trading Housewares
Infomessage of Russia & CISVIP Information & Media
Infomotive International Softwarehouses
Infomotive International Softwarehouses
Infordoc International vof Automation Services
Informa plc Information & Media
ING Bank Banking
ING Bank Banking
ING Bank Banking
ING Bank Eurasia ZAOVIP Banking
ING Bank NVVIP Banking
ING Bank NV - RussiaVIP Banking
ING Bank Oekraine Banking
ING Bank Vladivostok Banking
ING Barings Banking
ING Management (Nederland) B.V. Trust
ING Management (Nederland) B.V. Trust
ING Trust Trust
Ingo Baltic SZAO Insurance Services
INGO Inc. Insurance Services
IngoNord Finland SAO Insurance Services
Ingosstrakh Insurance Company Insurance Services
INGOSUR B.V.VIP Insurance Services
Innovedia bv IT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
Insights International BV Interim management
Inspectietechniek Benelux Materials Research
Institute for Russian and East European Studies Education
Institute for Russian and East European Studies Education
INSUDOK Information & Media
INSUDOK Information & Media
INSUDOK Russia Information & Media
Int-Veen B.V. Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Int?rni International Interiors BV Office & Shop Equipment & Materials
Intab Benelux Measuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Intapeople International BV Personnel Recruiting Agency & Services
Intechno Personeelsvoorziening B.V. Consultancy & Business Services
Inteco B.V. Construction Products
Integrated Fibre Services International Hoses
Inter Deco (Elit-Deco Ltd.)
Inter Product B.V. Loading & Lifting Equipment
Interbeton B.V. Construction spare parts
Interbrew Nederland Beer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
Interbrew Russia & Ukraine Beer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
Interbrew Sun - Russia Beer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
Interbrew SUN - Ukraine Beer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
Intercam B.V. Trucks, Heftrucks & Busses
Interclean Benelux BV High-pressure equipment
Interco BV Textiles
Intercontact Translation & Interpreters
Intercultural Communication bv Consultancy & Business Services
Interdata B.V. Softwarehouses
Interdependent Insurance Services
Interfood B.V. Dairy Products & Consumption
Interfurn B.V. Medical Equipment
Intergraph Benelux BV Softwarehouses
Interhal Benelux BV Hotels
Intermepha Internationale Metaalproductenhandel BV Construction
Internationaal Agrarisch Centrum Agribusiness
International Agricultural Centre (IAC) Education
International Aircraft Management B.V. Consultancy & Business Services
International Art & Business Services Office Services
International Art Products WOA Trading
International Asses BV Investment & Pension Funds
International Assets Advisory Corporation Europe BV Financial Services
International Auto's Auto, Busses & Automotive products
International Bathrooms BV Sanitarian equipment
International Beddding Products Beds & Matresses
International Benefit Consultancy Insurance Services
International Budget Youth Hostel Hotels
International Busines Consultants Group BV Interim management
International Business Information Company Printing & Publishing
International Business Network Personnel Recruiting Agency & Services
International Business Projects Interim management
International Camping
International Car Sales BV Auto-import
International Ceilings BV Ceilings
International Computer Enterprise NV Computers
International Conference Services Congresses: organization & service
International Couriers Couriers
International Distributors Tax free shops
International Dutch Diamond Industry
International Efficient Products Warehouses & Storage Systems
International Fair Support BV Furniture Rent
International Filter Business BV Filters & Clearing
International Five Trade Coating
International Flight Training Center Business training & Management education
International Forwarders Montfoort Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
International Freight Forwarders BV Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
International Freight Specialists BV Expedition & Logistics
International Fruit Trading BV Fruit, Berries, Juice & Vegetable Products
International Furan Chemicals BV Chemical products
International Guesthouse Services Apartments & Flats
International Health Consult BV Health Consultancy
International Heavy Haulage BV Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
International Import & Export Export & Import
International Instituut for Asian Studie IIAS Research & Scientific Development
International Intelligence Softwarehouses
International Internet Productions Webdesign
International Mail Services
International Management Support (IMS) Consultancy & Business Services
International Marine Cons BV Shipping & Expedition
International Marketing Business Marketing Services
International Marques Ink
International Marsac Quality Monitoring & Check
International Masters Publishers Nederland BV Printing & Publishing
International Moscow Bank Banking
International Motors BV Auto Dump & Dismantle
International Numbering Plans Telecom
International Office Centre Office Services
International Oilfield Services On-offshore
International paint Ltd Chemical, Coating & Paint products
International Paint Nederland BV Coating
International Partners Safe wear
International Parts Services Engineering & Contracting
International Pension Solutions Consultancy & Business Services
International Petroleum Consultants Nederland BV Petrochemical Industry
International Pharmaceutical Chemicals BV Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
International Properties BV Real Estate
International Rhomb Incorporation BV Central heating & equipment
International Rice Food Processing & Products
International Room Service Telecom
International School Almere International schools
International School of Amsterdam International schools
International School of Business Management International schools
International Stone Supply BV Stones & Processing of natural stones
International Surveyors & Adjusters Benelux BV Experts
International Sweets Doorn BV Chocolate & Confection
International Tank Protection Coating
International Technical Supplier Technical trade
International Tender Services (ITS) BV Consultancy & Business Services
International Trade Company Export & Import
International Trade Development Consultancy & Business Services
International Trade Support Export & Import
International Training Center VPA Business training & Management education
International Transport Agency BV Expedition & Logistics
International Travel Club Travelling & Tourism
International Tyre Business BV Auto Tyre
International Water Consultant Waste & Water Treatment
International Web Consultancy Internet Services & Development
Internero Metall Trading BV Metal Processing & Distribution
Internovi BV Conveyors, Automatics & High-Tech
Interpolis N.V. Insurance Services
Interpro Europe BV Toys
Interpro International Gorinchem BV Food ingredients & concentrates
Interster International BV Disposables
Intertest Benelux vof Labware & Materials
Intertruck Benelux BV Automotive products & parts
Intervet - Akzo Nobel CIS - Ukraine Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Intervet International B.V. Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Intervet International B.V. - Belarus Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Intervet OOO - Rissia Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
InterVien Management Consultants Consultancy & Business Services
INTOURIST - FRAM RESOR AB Travelling & Tourism
INTOURIST - OY FINNSOV TOURS Ltd. Travelling & Tourism
INTOURIST - SOFINTOUR Ltd. Travelling & Tourism
INTOURIST - TEN VIAGGI S.R.L. Travelling & Tourism
INTOURIST JAPAN Co., Ltd Travelling & Tourism
INTOURIST Limited Travelling & Tourism
INTOURIST NORWAY AS Travelling & Tourism
Intourist Russia Travelling & Tourism
INTOURIST S.A. Travelling & Tourism
INTOURIST WARSZAWA Ltd. Travelling & Tourism
INTRAMAR insurances Insurance Services
Intramat International BV Other
Introduct Holland B.V. Graphic & Photo Products & Equipment
INTUNET B.V. Consultancy & Business Services
INTYRE Trading
Inven Technology Benelux BV Measuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Inventech Benelux BV Measuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Invesco Benelux Dutch Investment & Pension Funds
Invision International Consultancy & Business Services
IOORS International Onshore Offshore Recruitment Services BV On-offshore
IP Handling Nederland b.v. Machine Tools & Mechanisms
IPA -International Procurement Agency b.v., Legal Services & Advice
Ipex International Trading Bolt locking systems
IPG International Packaging Packaging Production & Materials
IPM International Market Research
IPS International Construction spare parts
IPT International Products Tilburg Sport & Watersport Production
IRF International Road Ferry BV Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Iris International Automation Services
Iris Ohyama Europe BV Plastics, Synthetics & Related Products
IRO - Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry Branch Organisations
Iscar Hartmetall GMBH, Branch Office Weert Metal Processing & Distribution
Ishida Europe BV Weighing equipment
ISI International Seafood Inspectorate BV Fishing
ISION B.V. Machinery trade
ISIT - Intelligent Storage Through Integrated Technology IT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
ISIT - Intelligent Storage Through Integrated Technology IT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
Isolectra BV IT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
ISS International Ship Services Fireplaces & Heaters
Istec International Measuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
IT International Recycling & Feedmill industry
ITA International Technological Assistance BV Export & Import
ITAR-TASS Russian News Agency Information & Media
ITB - International Tools Boxtel Metal Processing & Distribution
ITB Benelux BV Softwarehouses
ITC International Market Research
ITC International Transport Contractors Management Tugs & Barges
ITM International BV Market Research
ITP International Trade Promotors BV Consultancy & Business Services
ITPS BV Consultancy & Business Services
ITV-Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen Education
ITV-Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen Education
ITW Roxsfoils B.V. Export & Import
ITX International BV Hoses
IV-OIL & GAS BV Offshore Engineering
Ivengi Benelux BV Webdesign
IVU Benelux BV Softwarehouses
Iworks International Softwarehouses
IWS International Recruiment Personnel Recruiting Agency & Services
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