To rent - Te huur - —даЄтс€ в аренду - in Bilthoven - De Bilt
Office and warehouse - Kantoor met magazijn - ќфис и склад
250 m2 - 5 km. from Center of Utrecht - 40 km. from Amsterdam - € 2.800, per month - near Head office of Rabobank
Tel. +31 30 228 56 56; e-mail:
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  Monday, 18.06.2018
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As many as 8,000 people died as a result of the Chernobyl accident.

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Russian Benelux Benelux in Russia & CIS
Netherlands Benelux International
Russian abroad
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D & C International BVConsultancy for Construction & Civil Engineering
D & L PackagingMachinery
D. Tails ModelagencyModelagency
D.O.O.R. International BV (Dutch Onshore Offshore Recruitment)Offshore & Marine Construction
Daalimpex Coldstores BVCoolers, Heaters, Refrigerators & Airconditioners
Daanen Machinefabriek BVMachinery
Dacro BVMachinery
Dado InternationalEvents & Party
DAESCH CREATIVE CONCEPTSCultural, Art & Painting organisations
DAF - VH Moscow N.V.Auto, Busses & Automotive products
DAF representations in Russia & CISAuto, Busses & Automotive products
DAF Trucks N.V.Trucks, Heftrucks & Busses
DAF Trucks N.V.Auto, Busses & Automotive products
DAF TRUCKS N.V. - RussiaAuto, Busses & Automotive products
DAF Trucks StPAuto, Busses & Automotive products
DAF- Intertransservies Moscow ZAOAuto, Busses & Automotive products
DAF-Duet TL SaratovAuto, Busses & Automotive products
DailyFresh Logistics B.V.Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Dalphin International Group BVInk
Dalsem-Mushroom Projects B.V.Mushrooms & Champignons Cultivation
Daly Plastics B.V.Recycling & Feedmill industry
DAM DE SAEDELEIR N.V.Textiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Dam Geveltechniek BV (Van)Metal Processing & Distribution
Dam Machine B.V.;VanAgro Equipment & Machinery
Damco Maritime International BVShipping & Expedition
Damco Maritime International BVExpedition & Logistics
Damen Shipyards GroupShipyards
Dampack International BVPackaging Production & Materials
DANA Off-Highway SystemsMachinery
Danmur International BVPotatoes & Chips Processing & Products
Danny International Textiles BVSecond Hand Clothing
Danzas Aei InternationalExpedition & Logistics
Daqpoint Benelux BVMeasuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Daratanas InternationalTrading
Dataman Benelux BVSoftwarehouses
Datell BVIT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
Datema B.V.Electronics
Dator InternationalComputer Components & Accessories
Davtec International LtdTechnical trade
Dawidenko InternationalOffice & Shop Equipment & Materials
Dawn Foods International BVBaking & Bakery ingredients & production
Daxx B.V.Softwarehouses
Daxx Web FactorySoftwarehouses
Daxx Web Factory St. PetersburgSoftwarehouses
Daxx web Industries BV.Softwarehouses
DBL International BVBottle production
DCMR Milieudienst RijnmondEnvironment
DCMR St. PetersburgEnvironment
DConsultConsultancy & Business Services
DCS International BVNavigational systems
DE - Douwe Egberts (Russia)Coffee, Tea & Spices
DE - Douwe Egberts Coffee & Tea International B.V.Coffee, Tea & Spices
De Affiliatie Cooperatie U.A.Business training & Management education
De Groene Amsterdammer Weekblad NVPrinting & Publishing
De Groot Metals BVMetal Processing & Distribution
De TelegraafInformation & Media
De-Sta-Co Benelux BVTechnical trade
DEC International B.V.Cable sets, Flexible ducting & Hoses
Decall International BVDecorations & Design
DECCA N.V.Textiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Decoil International BVMetal Processing & Distribution
Decopack BeneluxEnvelopes & Labels
Degalux International BVWind- & Sun-protection Equipment & Production
Degussa Texturant Systems Benelux BVFood ingredients & concentrates
Dehasu InternationalExport & Import
DeJe InternationalTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Dekker Management Services BVShipping & Expedition
Delcom International BVSecurity & Protection Systems
Delcourt Fashion International BVStyle & Fashionable wear
Delft Ingenieurs & Projectmanagers BV.;VanEngineering & Contracting
Delft Instruments B.V.Electrical Motors & Equipment
Delft International BV; A. vanFlower & Flower-bulbs
Delft University of TechnologyEducation
Delgro International BVConsultancy & Business Services
Deliflor ChrysantenFlower & Flower-bulbs
Delight Food International BVFrozen Food Production
Delim B.V.Export & Import
Delney International Product CenterMachinery
DeloitteInternational tax planning
Delta International BVTools
Delta Medical Scientific Instruments BVTrading
DELTA N.V.Recycling & Feedmill industry
Deltafix International BVConstruction Products & Equipment
DeltaVisie InternationalBusiness training & Management education
Demand Solutions BeneluxSoftwarehouses
Denda MultimediaInfotmation & Media (multimedia shop)
DENDAUW-STRAGIER N.V. (D.)Food processing & Packaging Machinery
DenHamer - IMCConsultancy & Business Services
DenHamer IST RussiaConsultancy & Business Services
Denison Hydraulics Benelux BVHydraulic & Pneumatic equipment
Denka International BVCoating
Denley International BVWorking wear
Dentaid Benelux BVDental Equipment & Services
Dental Ceramics InternationalDental Equipment & Services
Dental International BVDental Equipment & Services
Dental International BVDental Equipment & Services
Dental Tecno Benelux B.V.Dental Equipment & Services
Denz Holland bvTrading
DERA Food Technology N.V.Food Processing & Products
DERA Kompaniya OOOFood Processing & Products
DERA N.V.Food Processing & Products
DERA UAFood Processing & Products
Derako International BVCeilings
Derco B.V.Rubber & Sintetic
DermaPrimeCosmetics & Toiletries
Dertech International BVComputer Components & Accessories
Deutsche Bank AGBanking
Deutsche Bank AGBanking
Deutsche Bank MoscowBanking
Deutsche Bank MoscowBanking
Deutsche Bank MoscowBanking
Deutsche Essent GmbHEnergy & Bio-energy
DevrietechAgro Equipment & Machinery
Dhao International BVCoffee, Tea & Spices
DHL Global MailWorldwide Express Post Services
DHold InternationalBusiness training & Management education
DHV BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
DHV Holding BVEngineering Consultancy Services
DHV Russia & CISEnergy & Bio-energy
Diamond Transport International BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Diana Yacht Design International BVShipbuilding
Diba International BVEvents & Party
Dico Europe Investment CenterConsultancy & Business Services
Dicom Benelux NVComputer Components & Accessories
Diesel Technic Benelux BVAutomotive products & parts
DIGAZ - Close Joint Stock CompanyEnergy & Bio-energy
DIGAZ - Close Joint Stock CompanyTrading
Digi Nederland B.V.Labels Equipment
Digicorp Europe - Steepler and PartnersConsultancy & Business Services
Dika International BVCoffee, Tea & Spices
DIL ElektronikaTrade promotion
Dimedico International BVSafe wear
DIMON International MoldovaAlcohol, Wine & Tobacco
Dimon International Tabak BVAlcohol, Wine & Tobacco
DIMRA - Dutch International Marketing Research AssociationConsultancy & Business Services
DIMRA - Dutch International Marketing Research AssociationConsultancy & Business Services
DIMRA - Dutch International Marketing Research AssociationConsultancy & Business Services
Dinnissen BVMachinery equipment
Dinxperlo, MetaalgaasweverijMetal Processing & Distribution
Diosynth bvPharmaceutical & Medical Products
Dipasa Europe B.V.Seeds & Grains
Direction B.V.Financial Services
DIS B.V.Filling equipment for drinks industry
DIS B.V.Filling equipment for drinks industry
DIS B.V.Filling equipment for drinks industry
DIS B.V.Filling equipment for drinks industry
Display ElectronicsTrade promotion
Distrimex Pompen B.V.Pumps & Compressors
Divestore International LtdUnderwater Equipment, Service & Divers
Dj Den Art Agency InternationalEntertainment
Dj Den Art Agency InternationalTelecom Services
DLF TrifoliumGarden Equipment & Materials
DLV Adviesgroep nvAgribusiness
DMC International BVMarketing Services
DMI Distribution Masters InternationalExpedition & Logistics
DMN Machinefabriek Noordwijkerhout B.V.Metal Processing & Distribution
DMV InternationalDairy Products & Consumption
DMV International bvFood ingredients & concentrates
DMV International PharmaPharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
DMV International ProteinsDairy Products & Consumption
DNM International bvFire-prevention equipment
Doco-International BVDoors & Verandas
DOCS InternationalPersonnel Recruiting Agency & Services
DOM - Childrens Open MuseumNon-Governmental Organisations
Dominent International BVComputer Components & Accessories
Domino InternationalTrade & Export promotion
Domsdorff Diving International BVUnderwater Equipment, Service & Divers
Done International Event ServicesExhibitions & Stands
Donovan ProductionsCultural, Art & Painting organisations
Donovan ProductionsCultural, Art & Painting organisations
Doorn Eastern Europe BV ;VanFruit, Berries, Juice & Vegetable Products
Doors InternationalMarketing Services
Douma International BVWood-processing & Trade
Dow Benelux bvChemical production
Downstream B.V.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Downstream B.V.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
DPH International BVExport & Import
DPI Database Printing InternationalPrinting & Publishing
Draaijer & PartnersConsultancy & Business Services
Dragon Plastics B.V.Plastics, Synthetics & Related Products
Drain Products BeneluxPlastics, Synthetics & Related Products
Draka - Elkat LtdCable sets, Flexible ducting & Hoses
Draka - Neva Cables LtdCable sets, Flexible ducting & Hoses
Draka Elkat LtdCable sets, Flexible ducting & Hoses
Draka Holding N.V.Cable sets, Flexible ducting & Hoses
Draka Holding N.V.Cable sets, Flexible ducting & Hoses
Draka Neva Cables LtdCable sets, Flexible ducting & Hoses
Draw Vision Europa VOFEngineering & Contracting
Drehmo BeneluxValves
Drenth International BVExport & Import
Dresken International Stamp Dealer; Ren?Post-stamps
Drewmor Enterprises InternationalExport & Import
Drom InternationalAroma-, fragrant & flavouring components
DruckChemie Benelux BVGraphic Production & Equipment
Dry Works - IrkutskEngineering Consultancy Services
Dry Works - MoscowEngineering Consultancy Services
Dry Works - St.PetersburgEngineering Consultancy Services
Dry Works International BVEngineering Consultancy Services
DSM GroupCarpets, Covers & Linoleum
DSM GroupCarpets, Covers & Linoleum
DSM N.V.Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
DSM NV (Eastern Europe)Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
DTS BVSecond Hand Equipment & Machines
DTZ International Holdings BVCapital Goods & Real Estate
DTZ Zadelhoff Tie Leung - RussiaCapital Goods & Real Estate
Ducati Benelux BVDiesel Motors
Duett BeneluxSoftwarehouses
Dumeco Holding B.V.Meat Processing & Products
Duni Benelux BVDisposables
Dunlop Slagenzer BeneluxSport & Watersport Production
Dunnet International Trading Company BVComputers
Dura Vermeer Groep NVConstruction
Dutch & International Education ServicesBusiness training & Management education
Dutch Access B.V.Drilling, Diving & Dredging
Dutch Alliance; TheEducation
Dutch Alumni Association in RussiaBusiness training & Management education
Dutch Detergents International BVDetergents & Washing powders
Dutch Filmworks International BVDistributors
Dutch Hospitality CollegeVIPMedical Services
Dutch Motors B.V.Electrical Motors & Equipment
Dutch Motors B.V.Electrical Motors & Equipment
Dutch Moulds International BVAgro Equipment & Machinery
Dutch Pack International BVSacks & Packing
Dutch Picture InternationalArchival systems
Dutch Protein & Services BVCoffee, Tea & Spices
Dutch Space B.V.Aerospace
Dutrin International TradingExport & Import
Duynie B.V.Animal Feeds
Duyvis Machinefabriek - RussiaChocolate & Confection
Duyvis Machinefabriek B.V. (P.M.)Machine Tools & Mechanisms
DYKA b.v.Pipeline Systems Equipment
Dyna Trade International BVConstruction Products & Equipment
Dynamic Message International NetherlandsTelecom
Dynamic Zones InternationalWebdesign
DYNAROP S.P.R.L.Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Dynova Innovatieadvies B.V.Financial Services
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Official Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
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