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Office and warehouse - Kantoor met magazijn - Офис и склад
250 m2 - 5 km. from Center of Utrecht - 40 km. from Amsterdam - € 2.800, per month - near Head office of Rabobank
Tel. +31 30 228 56 56; e-mail:
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  Monday, 18.06.2018
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 Benelux International

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Netherlands Benelux International
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B & F International BVPumps & Compressors
B & S InternationalExport & Import
B & S International Traders BVExport & Import
B?ta BureauMedical Research
Baal International BV; VanTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Baar International Foodequipment BV; VanMachinery trade
BadeReT International BVFloors: Cover & Heating
Bahrfuss International BVTrading
Bakker Engineering and Contracting International BVEngineering & Contracting
Bakker International Marine; COn-offshore
Balance Company InternationalMedical Services
Balance InternationalMedical Services
Balflex Benelux BVExport & Import
Balis Laboratorium VOFFood ingredients & concentrates
Ballering, GebrAuto, Busses & Automotive products
Baltus International BVFlower & Flower-bulbs
Banken Champignons B.V.Mushrooms & Champignons Cultivation
Barilla Wasa Benelux BVBaking & Bakery ingredients & production
Baruna InternationalTrading
Barwil Benelux NVPort, Marine & Logistics Services
Batenborch International BVPersonnel Recruiting Agency & Services
Batrad International BVInterim management
Battery Benelux BVBattery
Battie International Trade and Business GroupExport & Import
Bauerfeind Benelux BVOrthopaedic
Baum Benelux BVPlastics, Synthetics & Related Products
Baum?ller Benelux BVMotors
Bayram International TradingHotels
BBN BV; Benelux Bedrijvengroep Ned.Security & Protection Systems
BDSi - Business Diagnostic Systems InternationalBusiness training & Management education
BDV International BVChemical products
Be Trained InternationalBusiness training & Management education
Beach Time International BVClock producers & trade
Becker Benelux BVDiesel Motors
Beckjorindo International BVQuality Monitoring & Check
Bedrijfskleding Die Past International BVWorking wear
Bekol International B.V.Wood-processing & Trade
Bel-Ray Benelux BVOils & fats: industrial lubrication
Belgravium EuropaBarcode
Belimo Servomotoren BV BeneluxAir cleaning equipment
Belux Benelux BVLighting & Signal equipment
Bender Benelux BVMotors
Bender Benelux BVElectronics
Bender International BVConstruction
Bender International Production BVStainless steel & Steel Production
Benelux AutodemontagebedrijfAuto Dump & Dismantle
Benelux Bouwgroep BVConstruction
Benelux BVOffice & Shop Equipment & Materials
Benelux BVIllumination
Benelux Domeinnaam Registratie BVInternet Services & Development
Benelux FlorFlower & Flower-bulbs
Benelux Foodingredients BVFood ingredients & concentrates
Benelux KoelingAirconditioning
Benelux NDT & Inspection SuppliesMaterials Research
Benelux OnlineInternet Services & Development
Benelux Road Trade Center BVRoad-renovation: Equipment & Production
Benelux Rubber Techniek BVRubber & Sintetic
Benelux Waalwijk BVAluminium Production
Bengan International BVConsultancy & Business Services
Bens International BVAirconditioning
Berg Moving InternationalRelocation, Moving & Storage Services
Bericap Benelux BVPackaging Production & Materials
Best International GiftsAdvertising Services
Beto InternationalPackaging Production & Materials
Better InternationalArt Rent
Beuzekom International BV, VanPipe Laying & Handling
BFE Benelux BVConsultancy & Business Services
Bhanaut Visions InternationalAutomation Services
Bicon BeneluxFloors: Cover & Heating
Bijlstrans InternationalTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Bimab Benelux BVInterim management
BioChek International Holding BVPharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
BiogaS International Advies Bureau B.V.Energy, Sun-, Wind- & Bio-energy
Biogen Idec International BVMedical Products
BioM?rieux Benelux BVLabware & Materials
BIOROCK International BVWaste & Water Treatment
Biosoil International BVEnvironment & Ecological Advice
Biothane Systems International BVWaste & Water Treatment
Birac Trading InternationalProject Development
Bird Electronics Ede b.v.Electronics
BIS Both Industrial Services B.V.Cool & Refrigerators Equipment
BISNISBusiness Information Services
Bison InternationalGlue
Bison Paper BVPaper & Cardboard
BiXyte International BVSoftwarehouses
BJ BeneluxInvalid equipment
BJ Services International BVPetrochemical Industry
BJW Signium InternationalPersonnel Recruiting Agency & Services
BK Vision InternationalShops Equipment & Installation
BKO InternationalTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Bl?thner Piano Center BeneluxMusical Instruments
BlommalineAutomotive products & parts
Blowup Media Benelux BVAdvertising Services
BLS International BVExpedition & Logistics
Bluepoint Benelux BVComputer Components & Accessories
Blueroom BeneluxAudio & Vision Equipment
BMP Benelux BVPlastics, Synthetics & Related Products
BNR International TradingChemical products
Boatwish InternationalSport & Watersport Production
Body Shop Benelux Eastwick BV;TheCosmetics, Perfumery & Toiletries
Body Works International BVFitness & Sport Equipment
Boer International BV; DeBoats
Bohle Benelux BVGlass, Porcelain & Ceramics
Bohle-Clearshield Benelux BVCleaning Services
Bolsius International BVCandles
Bon Fil International BVWool & woolenwear
Bona Benelux BVParquet floors
Bonati InternationalCosmetics, Perfumery & Toiletries
Bonnard International BVInk
Bonpack InternationalPackaging Production & Materials
Bonpack International BVPackaging Production & Materials
Boon Trade International BVFlower & Flower-bulbs
Boorwerk B.V.Drills & Boring
Borger en Burghouts milieu-advies B.V.Environment & Ecological Advice
Bos Benelux BVPumps & Compressors
Bos Project Services International BVProject Development
Bosse Design BeneluxFurniture & Wood Processing & Products
Boston International TransportTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Bots Sport International; RBoats
Bouwlux Benelux BVPlastic windows & sills
Bowltech International BVBowling production & equipment
Bowprint International BVGraphic Production & Equipment
Boxing Sport BeneluxSport & Watersport Production
BPA Benelux Paper Agencies BVPaper & Cardboard
BPA Benelux Paper Agencies BVPaper & Cardboard
BPS International BVElectronics
BPS International BVTelecom
Brain Management InternationalCongresses: organization & service
Bram International Management BVInterim management
Brasa InternationalAgricultural & Horticultural
Brema International BVCool & Refrigerators Equipment
Bridgehead International BVMarketing Services
Bridgestone Benelux BVAuto Tyre
Brikor BeneluxWaterstoring
Brillux Benelux BVPaints, lacquers & colourful materials
Brink International BVTrailers, Containers & Transport Equipment
Brita Benelux BVWaste & Water Treatment
Brotec International BVLubrication Equipment
Brunel International NVPersonnel Recruiting Agency & Services
Bruynzeel Multipanel International BVPanel & Triplex products
BS Forklifts International BVHeftrucks
BTA International BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Buchholz International B.V.Wear & Footwear
Buchholz International BVWorking wear
Buck Consultants International B.V.Consultancy & Business Services
Buksesnedkeren Benelux H20 BVSportwear
Burg Benelux; E J vonMachinery trade
Business Project & Advice InternationalSanitarian equipment
Business Project & Advice International BVSanitarian equipment
Business Relations International BVAutomation Services
Business Relations International BVConsultancy & Business Services
Business Resources InternationalConsultancy & Business Services
Business to Business International AgencyConsultancy & Business Services
Business to Business International AgencyInterim management
Bussink Machinery InternationalCoffee Roasters & Machines
Byteware Trading InternationalAutomation & Mechanization
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Exclusive Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
Official Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
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