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  Donderdag, 21.10.2021
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  EWD Group

Rusnet is part of East-West Development Group (EWD). This is an association of West-European consulting firms, targeting on East - West development projects. The common grounds of cooperation between the members of the group are:

  • official representative function of one or more Russian or CIS's state authority
  • at least 10 year experience in Russia and CIS
  • Western origin, independent financial means and recognized local social standing
  • independent of the big consulting firms
  • emotional bonds with Russia and the Russian/Slavic peoples

For most members the representative function is honorary. In some cases there are historic family relations with Russia. In all cases the Russian and other CIS's government authorities trusted the individual members with the task to represent their interests, especially in the field of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

The primary task of the members is to facilitate Western initiatives for development projects -and especially FDI- in Russia and other CIS-countries.

The added value for Western companies to engage EWD lies in:

  • developing a positive attitude with the relevant Russian or other CIS-country's authorities
  • developing support from the regional and local authorities
  • advising on evading or solving problems with the authorities and local partners
  • advising on cross-border financial structuring and on engaging Western finance institutions
  • developing support from the Russian or other CIS's representation at EBRD a.o.
  • advising on acting in a Russian environment and on bridging cultural differences

In addition through EWD the following services can be arranged:

  • information on legal and fiscal issues (including new developments, e.g. under parliament)
  • negotiation and arranging matters with fiscal and custom authorities
  • arranging cross-border leasing structures
  • match-making with partners/customers and search for local agents and ancillary industries
  • visa and traveling arrangements (including introduction to high officials)
  • creation of a local entity (registration, search for office space, staff acquirement etc.)
  • search for reliable local support partners, e.g. administrator, lawyer, security firm etc.
  • translation services (incl. legalized translation, simultaneous interpretation, etc.)
  • scanning potential partners (e.g. for criminality and relation with local authorities)
  • acquiring necessary licenses, approvals by authorities and institutions etc.
  • arranging relations with the local media
  • arranging relations with the local environment (social institutes, significant local players etc.)
  • other services on request

EWD subcontracts reliable local partner organizations which are well positioned inside the local social structure. Therefor, involving EWD is both effective and efficient:

Western-style quality at an East-European price level.

EWD provides a profound understanding of the local social-cultural environment:

understanding your East-European partner and his environment is the key for success.

EWD works complementary to the Western Embassies and other Western representations in Russia and the other CIS-countries, because EWD is Russian-driven and represents the local interests in attracting East - West development. Russia and the CIS-countries welcome foreign direct investments and therefor their authorities support and facilitate Western initiatives through the EWD-member network.

There are local EWD-members in the following locations:

  • Benelux (Amsterdam, Brussels)
  • France (Paris)
  • Germany (Wiesbaden/Frankfurt)
  • Italy (Milano)
  • Spain (Barcelona)
  • Switzerland (Fribourg)
  • United Kingdom (London)

Also there are offices for other areas such as North America (Washington), the Arabic countries (Libanon/Paris), Africa (Paris), South-East Asia (Singapore/Brussels) and Japan (Tokyo).

The registered seat of EWD is situated in Wiesbaden (RFI) and its secretariat in Amsterdam (FIPC). Its co-chairmen are Dr. A. de Faria e Castro (RFI) and Dr. J.A.W. Buisman (FIPC).

Please contact us at the following e-mail address for more information:

Exclusieve Partner van de Russische KvK in Nederland
Officiele Partner van de Russische KvK in Nederland
Bezit is een vriendschap tussen de mens en de dingen.
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