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Encyclopedia :: T :: Tarasova, Tatiana

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Updated: 15.10.2003

Figure skating coach

Tatiana Tarasova, a former world-class pairs skater, is one of the most accomplished coaches in figure skating history. In total, her skaters have won seven Olympic titles. These skaters include: Irina Rodnina/Alexander Zaitsev (Pairs: 1976, 1980), Natalia Bestemianova/Andrei Bukin (Dance: 1988), Marina Klimova/Sergei Ponomarenko (Dance: 1992), Oksana Grischuk/Evegny Platov (Dance: 1998), Ilia Kulik (Mens: 1998), and Alexei Yagudin (Mens: 2002). In addition, her skaters have won sixteen World Championships.

Tarasova and Elena Chaikovskaya created an ice theatre "All Stars" in the mid-1980s. Tarasova worked as a coach and ballet master. Her skaters were so good other ice shows would offer them jobs and until finally the "Ice Theatre" closed.

Tarasova's father, Anatoly Tarasov, was a well respected hockey coach and her husband -- Vladimir Krainev -- is a famous pianist in Russia.

She got her regimented style of coaching from her father who would order Tatiana and her sister out to the yard at 7 a.m. for exercising no matter the weather.

Tarasova began training skaters when she was 19 years old. Tarasova herself says she has never asked skaters to join her. Instead skaters have called upon Tarasova to help them reach their potential.

In the summer of 2002 Tarasova joined with American Sasha Cohen. She had originally began working with her just for assistance with choreography. However, Sasha and Tatiana saw a relationship growing that would benefit both. Tatiana saw something special in Sasha that she did not see in other skaters. As a result, Sasha and her family moved across the country to give Sasha the privilege of working with such an experienced coach. Tarasova keeps Sasha working hard and determined. Both have their eyes set on gold in the future.

During the 2002-2003 season, Tarasova ended her coaching partnership with assistant choreographer Nikolay Morozov. She is currently working with Maya Usova.