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Moscow (Rus. Moskva) is the capital of Russia and of Moscow region and the administrative centre of the Central district, It lies on the Moskva River near its junction with the Moscow Canal. Moscow is Russia's largest city with population about 10,000,000 people and country's leading economic and cultural centre.

Moscow is governed by a city council and a mayor (at present Yuri Luzhkov) and is divided into boroughs.

The five major sections of Moscow form concentric circles, of which the innermost is the Kremlin, a walled city in itself. Its walls represent the city limits as of the late 15th century. The hub of the Russian railroad network, Moscow is also an inland port and has several civilian and military airports.

Moscow's major industries include machine building, metalworking, oil refining, publishing, brewing, filmmaking, and the manufacture of machine tools, precision instruments, building materials, automobiles, trucks, aircraft, chemicals, wood and paper products, textiles, clothing, footwear, and soft drinks.

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