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Print version. Published on site Rusnet.NL 8 December 2003

Encyclopedia :: K :: Krasnoyarsk

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Krasnoyarsk is an administrative centre in the East Siberian region of Russia with the population more than 3 million people. The city is divided by the Yenisey River into two parts.

Krasnoyarsk is one of the earliest settlements of Siberia. It was founded as a fort in 1628 by Cossack Andrey Dubenskiy. It was a wooden fortress with a wall with five towers.

For 100 years Krasnoyarsk played the role of frontier advanced post. During its existence it was never conquered. When Siberia was finally joined to Russia in 1690 the fortress officially received the status of a town.

The extension of the Great Siberian Post Road in 1735 stimulated further development of the city. Gold discovery and the arrival of the Trans-Siberian Railway accelerated the city's growth.

In 1934 the Yenisey province was reorganised into Krasnoyarsk Territory and Krasnoyarsk became its administrative centre.

In 1960 one of the largest hydropower stations was built here.

Today there are more than 150 enterprises in Krasnoyarsk. The Krasnoyarsk Territory is very rich in raw material areas. There are plants producing chemicals, aluminium, wood products and synthetic rubber.

Many well-known in Russia people were born in Krasnoyarsk.

Nowadays Krasnoyarsk is a cultural centre with eight theatres, five museums, a hundred public libraries and sixty seven clubs.