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Updated: 12.11.2003

City, Irkutsk Region, southeast central Russia, on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Founded in 1948 Pop. (1991 est.) 328,325.

Angarsk is located along the Angara, adjacent to Irkutsk, the capital of the region.

Angarsk grew rapidly as a major centre of oil refining and petrochemicals. The city's industrial products include such goods as synthetic fibres, artificial fertilizers, plastics, boilers, and cement; there are also electro-engineering works and brewing facilities. Petroleum is piped from West Siberian fields to Angarsk's refinery and petrochemical complex.

Educational institutions include a technical training school and a medical college.

The construction of Angarsk began in 1948; it was designated a city in 1951. Urban development was planned for two zones residential and industrial separated by a pine forest. Even after the acceleration of urban growth around 1960, the city plan called for a large tract of pine forest in the city.