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Print version. Published on site Rusnet.NL 8 December 2003

Encyclopedia :: A :: Altay Territory

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Altay Territory, administrative division.

Altay territory is located in the south of Western Siberia, divided into 60 administrative areas. There are 11 cities in Altay territory, the principal city and its capital is Barnaul Main rivers are Ob, Biya, Katun' and Chuya.

The climate is continental with long, cold and not too snowy winters, and hot and rainy summers. Average temperature in January -19,80 C. Average temperature in July +16,70 C.

An extensive area and low population density (15,9 persons per sq km) are characteristic features of Altay Territory. 2.653.000 people live here today, 90% of them are Russians.

Altay territory is a part of West-Siberian economic region. Its industrial potential is made up of 2 000 working industrial enterprises. The basic industries are mechanical engineering, metal working, chemical, petrochemical, food- and wood-processing. 1/6 of all Russian tractors, 90% of tractor ploughs, about 50% of steam boilers, all cargo railway cars are pro duced at the enterprises of Altay Territory, which is also the largest agrarian region in Russia.

Altay territory is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Russia. Climbers and mountain skiers are fascinated by gorgeous Altay mountains, while hunters find here a great number of bears, Siberian deers and foxes.